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AIT  TECHNOLOGY provide you best Call centers service in Ethiopia which is  essential for helping medium and large businesses manage communication with customers.

Call Center

We help your business never miss an opportunity

AIT Technology is the go-to when it comes to inbound call services for small businesses. In addition to handling inbound calls AIT Technology also provides answering services in Ethiopia

AIT specializes in using the phone to communicate with your customers, that’s not all they’ll do.

Day or night, rain or shine. Our live agents are available all the time.

Never miss out on an opportunity to secure a sale with over-the-phone order entries.

Managing appointments can be a hassle. Which is why we made it hassle-free.

All the data and information you’ll ever need – on your desktop

Call Center Support




Smart Shoring

Greenfields set up

Work from Home

Multilingual Services

Information Security

 Process Re-engineering

Business Analytics




Inbound Customer Care

Sales: Cross sell & Outbound

Collections & Recovery

CSAT & NPS surveys

Backoffice services


Social Media 




Conversational AI and Analytics

Robotic Process Automation

IVR integration / Dynamic IVR

Content moderation

Speech & Text Analytics

AI & Analytics

Why Use Call Corner

If you work in a bilingual or multangular area and need to adjust a call center small business has your back you can set up your call center service to your customer needs by requesting which ever language you want.


Creating jobs, improving the lives and livelihoods of our people is our resolute mission. We keep our eye on this prize, and celebrate the jobs and promotions we create along the way. We are ALL about creating local jobs, affording people access to work close to where they live and play.


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